Prior to Start of Class...

Please spend time driving your children under various conditions prior to the start of the class. Your child will only receive 6 hours of driving on the road. If the student has never driven before taking the class, then at least half of his time will be spent in a parking lot or a neighborhood.

Department of Transportation studies indicate that experience is the greatest deterrent to driving accidents. Your good habits as well as your bad habits will be imprinted into your child's driving skills.

Driving is as much a mental activity as it is a physical activity. Parents should assess their child's mental ability as well as state of mind before placing them behind the wheel of a car. Does your child remain calm in stressful situations? Are they mature enough mentally as well as physically to handle at 3 ton car at 45 miles per hour? Are they responsible?

During the Class....

Students will begin driving from the school parking lot. Students will drive themselves home after their driving lesson

After the Class...

Your child's driving instructor will turn in your child's driving/classroom log to the Community School office (A3) for the certificate to be issued.

If the driving/classroom log is complete and your child has turned in the original driving contract signed by all parties, then the certificate will be issued within 24 hours.

Completed certificates can be picked up in the Main Office (A2) between 8am - 9pm, Monday through Thursdays, and from 8am - 2pm on Fridays.

Once you receive your certificate please keep it in a secure location. When dealing with insurance companies, please give them only a copy of the certificate. Most people switch companies several times and certificates are lost. There is a $5 replacement fee for certificates.